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Staff Application

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Staff Application

Thank you for taking interest in joining Dwarvencraft’s staff team! Down below is a list of requirements to be accepted within our team. We ask kindly of you to be as honest as possible! Our goal is to build a great community, and that includes our staff team! You must remember that this server is closed for beta, and is not ready for launch. Once it is ready for launching, we will make an announcement out to everyone within our discord team.

Must be at least 16 years or older
Must have been playing on the server for at least 4 weeks.
Must have access to Discord
Must have a working microphone
Must have access to screenshot &/or record on your device

Section 1: Getting to know you

What is your minecraft username?
What is your age? Remember, you must be at least 16 years or older.
Do you have access to a working microphone?
Do you have access to screenshot and/or record on your device?
Do you have any previous experience in staffing a Minecraft server? Please answer in detail.
If you still are staff on a server, we recommend you to not apply here.
Tell us about yourself!
What are your hobbies?
What sport do you play?

Section 2: Scenario

Please think of the following: it is your first day as a promoted player to helper on Dwarvencraft. You will encounter the following scenarios, and even though you aren’t knowledgeable in what our staff has access to, how would you react? This is to help us determine how you handle similar situations.

A player is spamming in the chat in the lobby…
A player is harassing you and other players…
A player's movement appears to be not normal…
A player is asking you something personal…
A player is asking you to give them a rank…
A player is asking you to ban them without reason…
A player is asking what permissions you have…

Please give a detailed answer for each.

If you are to be accepted, you will go through different stages during the application process. After this stage comes an interview! We wish you great luck with this application.
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